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Michael Riches, Buckeye POS
Jamie Lin, Gizmo Global

We Invite You to Meet SaaSMAX Partners 

Gizmo Global & BuckeyePOS

The SaaSMAX Partner Perspective provides you with a wonderful opportunity to hear how your peers have successfully adopted, sell, manage and profit from the exploding SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) industry! Oftentimes you'll learn about new products, services, best practices, successful sales methods and innovative business practices.

The SaaSMAX Partner Perspective is a monthly live webinar designed for SaaSMAX community to better enable you to make sense of and succeed in the SaaS world. Our inaugural event begins July 17th at 10:00 PM Pacific and features a panel of three successful companies selling SaaS across different disciplines. Below you will find the bio of our three guests as well as the registration.

Meet Our Panelists:

Jamie Lin, CEO, Gizmo Global

Jamie is Founder and CEO of Gizmo Global. Since founded in 2001, she has grown the firm to support a variety of software applications for small and medium sized businesses. Her team develops custom software as well as SaaS evaluations. She has experience with financial services, retail and consulting services.

Michael Riches, Owner, Buckeye POS

After a successful career in marketing, Michael Riches founded and owns Buckeye POS, Pelican POS, and is part-owner of Solution Pronto.  In interfacing with small business owners he was able to identify one of the most critical (and often frustrating) components of a business owner’s experience: the point of sale. Buckeye POS and Pelican POS were conceived to offer Point of Solutions, such as POS Lavu iPad, for bars, restaurants, and other small businesses. Solution Pronto was designed to provide stabilizing technology solutions. By securing multi-tiered solution possibilities, he’s found a way to offer a complete catalog of tech components to fulfill the needs of any business as it grows.

Third Panelist to be Announced Soon